mince pies and mulled wine

22 Dec

Me and emmms finalyy got to just ‘hang out’ on sat evening without Loummsy buisness to discuss and work on! It very rarely happens, as we both work, any spare moment we have we are together, sewing, taking photo’s or planning our next venture, so it was quite lovely to just sit and chat! It also gave emmms a perfect oportunity to get on with here xmas gift for matthew!

To celebrate the occasion I made some cheats mince pies (I bought the pastry already made and the mince meat was from a jar!)  and poured a lovely bottle of rioja into a pan for the mulled wine adding some orange, spice mix, a cinnamon stick and some bay leaves!

Some of the mince pies were topped with little festive stars and the other were turned into mince parcles! I did this by using muffin cases and filling them half full with mincemeat then, using the excess pastry at the top, closed them upon themselves! I wish I had some holly though as a nice leaf and a glacier cherry would have top them off perfectly although they didnt last long once they came out of the oven!

One Response to “mince pies and mulled wine”

  1. emmms 22 December 2009 at 12:21 pm #

    It was great! I was telling people about the mince pies the following day — it’s been agreed that Mince Pie Parcels really should be the next big thing!

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