designer reviews!!!!!

8 Jan

The wonderful canarysanctuary of ravelry and blog, canaryknits has just written a great post reviewing my and Emmms’s design adventures! So proud!

Canaryknits not only reviews knitting designers but is also a designer herself, check out her cute Love God cardie and Sexy Vesty!

It has been one of those humbling weeks for both of us so far, as we were also featured in issue 14 of The Knitter magazine which came out in the shops yesterday! We had heard that it was out via subscription a couple of weeks ago but have both been unable to get a copy until now!!

They had chosen one of our sock perfect wip buttoned bags to be one of their ‘3 of the best sock knitting bags’! Dunno about Emmms, but I am still in shock!! When we started making these bags I don’t think we even dreamed that they would be as popular as they are let alone get them featured in such a respected knitting mag! Thanks ‘The Knitter’!


One Response to “designer reviews!!!!!”

  1. Laura 9 January 2010 at 6:39 pm #

    Congratulations! Being featured is bloody awesome!

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