so close!

13 Jan

I am currently torn between knitting up my sock and being a productive and useful member of society — just a few inches of foot to go before I can wear it! What to do?!

I’m also thisclose to having a Sweater-Perfect bag of my very own! I kinda, sorta cocked up the hem of a patchwork duckies-and-blue polkadots bag (it’s about half a centimetre higher on one side than the other) and while I could rip it back and redo it, I really think — I really, truly do think — that Matthew’s cardigan would be further in its journey towards completion if it had a Sweater-Perfect WIP bag to live in. (I’m right, aren’t I?) (Is anyone buying this?) (Well, I think I’m pretty convincing.)

HOWEVER, aside from the mountain of reading and writing up I should be doing, I’ve also just got in a couple yards of delicious new fabric and I am itching to get cutting! This is really just the tip of the iceberg, too. Last week, Lou and I ordered 8 yards of delicious from Fabric Worm. Unfortunately for me, it’s being delivered to Lou’s address. Unfortunately for Lou, that means I’m going to ring her every half hour till it arrives. With owlies and rockets and super cute sheepies to come, it’s no wonder I’m excited!


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