kitchen garden tip tuesday 5

20 Jan

It’s Wednesday, again. Naughty Emmms.


Using winter greens in stir-fry. I have a love of winter greens that some people might find surprising. They’re just so warm and earthy, and almost dizzying with flavour iff (as in ‘if and only if’, the mathematical shorthand taught to me by my 9th grade maths teacher) you take the utmost care not to chuck them in a pan of boiling water and leave till soggy. The best way to cook your winter greens is in a touch of oil, garlic and ginger first, then stalks, for a couple of minutes. THEN you add the greens – sliced into long ribbony lengths – and sauté gently for another couple of minutes. Then you can add soya sauce, sesame oil, balsamic vinegar, miran, whatever you like. Keep them moving for another minute or so et voila! Perfect winter greens.


Tidying the garden counts as planning ahead. If you still haven’t destalked your garden, you might want to think about doing so now. Spring is so close I can taste it! (And that means the tomato twigs that I have yet to pull up really have to go.)

ETA: I’ve just snuck three more bags on Etsy, including this one:

Squee! That little dancing menagerie makes me giggle every time I look at it!


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