heart strings pictures!

28 Jan

The sun came out!

Is that a candy cane in the background? Why yes, I think it is.

The colour is truer in the first picture, but you get a better idea of the colourway in this picture. The yarn is Skein Queen, a cashmere blend (I believe it’s Exquisite, but I’m not sure as I am ball bandless), and it is delicious to work with! The dye doesn’t seem to have completely penetrated the plies, and ordinarily that would bother me, but I think it lends a slightly more organic touch to the already-organic feel of the cables. It authenticates them? I think that’s what I’m getting at! In any case, thus far it hasn’t lost any of its radiance in washing and I’ve got my fingers crossed they’ll stay like that!

The yarn is highly recommended. It made knitting these socks something I really looked forward to every time I thought about picking up the needles.

And before I forget, I’ve got a toe-up cast-on tutorial that I’ve been sitting on for freaking ages. If I’m very, very good, I’ll get it up tomorrow. (Incidentally, ‘Heart Strings’ are cuff-down, not toe-up… I must do another toe-up sock soon. I miss them.)


One Response to “heart strings pictures!”

  1. Kate (aka Doctor Quick) 28 January 2010 at 3:28 pm #

    Great pictures, and I love the new name. Mine are finished and been worn many times already. Next time the boss is away I’m definitely going for a science photo shoot!

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