heart strings

28 Jan

It feels like ages since we last had a proper knitterly post and I rather felt that needed rectifying. I’ve got a new pattern in the works (yay!), so I thought I’d start there. There are just got a couple of technical bits to fix, but it should be up in time for 1 Feb, for a bit of Valentine’s-y knitting.

I’ve been toying with names. Originally it was called ‘Doctor, Quick’, for the person I designed them for; then it was called ‘A String of Winter Berries’, because the pattern made me think of little chickadees and other winter birds hopping across the snow in search of berries. However, ‘Doctor, Quick’ bears too much inside giggle with the blogless Doctor Quick and ‘A String of Winter Berries’ is just such a mouthful, and it has nothing to do with my original intention.

My original intention was to make a pair of socks that glorified and honours Dr Quick’s noble scientific pursuits in the medicine of pain. She studies how the body reacts to pain, what pain is and how pain can be quantified. It sounds gruesome, but it’s an incredibly useful and interesting task — understanding why I’m having a migraine is one step closer to ridding me of migraines altogether (and one step closer to understanding what else that migraine is trying to tell me). So the next title I decided was ‘Frayed Nerves and Blood Clots’. However, that’s a bit too, um, graphic?

Finally, I decided to go with the season and called them ‘Heart Strings’. It’s a pretty little pattern, with the delicate tendrils of a twisted rib embracing the leg and foot, while small pearls tumble gentle down the rivulets they leave behind.

I’ll add some pictures once the skies are light enough for me to take them! And when I do, I love it if you let me know what you think. I’m really rather excited about this pattern and I hope everyone else will be, too.


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