cutting back

5 Feb

I have been keeping a close eye recently on Chillimena (my chilli plant!) as she has been showing signs of re-growth! Very exciting for me as I grew her from seed. She produced a great crop last year and I hope she manages to do the same this year.

She was living outdoors until the winter months and since then she has just been sitting on my window sill. I really wasn’t sure if she would crop again this year but fingers crossed all is looking well! I am planning to keep her indoors for a few more months until the chance of frost has completely gone.

To give her a better chance of growing I have cut back her old branches to make sure that all the water and light give energy to the new sprouts!

My chocolate mint is also showing signs of re-growth! I had read that mint will take over any soil it is given and keep on growing. This didn’t really happen last year, even though I did get a good crop, the mint didn’t really take to the ground. That is not the case now! I think she has about 14 baby mint shoots in total!!


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