etsy sunday: felted neck pieces

7 Feb

Perhaps it’s the knitter in me, but there is something about felting that makes me nervous. I’ve been pretty lucky in this respect; I’ve only ever had store-bought jumpers shrink up on me and even when my favourite pair of hand-knit socks landed up in the washing machine, they came out relatively unscathed.

However, there is something undeniably beautiful about these felt beads from Feltik I can just imagine how soft and light they would feel around my neck. There’s something so very pleasing about how round they are, yet so clearly made by hand. The artistry is quite delicious.

Finding this huge garland of fuchsia hand-felted beads set me on a hunt for other felted neck pieces — probably because it’s still bloody freezing out and I’ve come down with yet another cold. Having something bold and sunshiney floating delicate about my being, like this great string of orange, red and yellow felted beads, interspersed with teeny polished stone and wee glass flower beads from Filzlaus would make me feel infinitely better.

Likewise, the almost ethereal wispiness of this trapeze necklace by rokdarbi4u would seem to give an endless immune boost, simply by virtue of its airiness.

I quite like the way strength and delicacy are contrasted in the combination of the solid wood beam and glass beads and the long tendrils of hand-felted wool. However, with my present fuggy light-headedness, I think I might need  something to keep me grounded. The gentle weight of the wooden discs and fantastically stripey felted beads of this necklace by JSartist would offer something more firm.

Something about the combination of wool, which is so soft yet durable, juxtaposed with a harder natural material like wood is terribly pleasing to me. Which may be why I absolutely adore this silver-and-felt combination from Evalinen It’s easy to forget metals are natural materials, that they are fundamentally part of the earth. In placing thick woollen beads with a light chainmail of silver, this necklace marries two of our most luxurious natural materials with gorgeous results.

The last two necklaces I found definitely speak to by my conviction I need an afternoon nap. A soft, caressing all-wool necklace from the delightful OllieWoollies would be warm without being fussy,

and while technically not a necklace, according to the artist, I can’t imagine not making this glorious high-necked ruff by TianaCHE the centrepiece of an outfit. Soft and blanket-like, yet fantastically showy, it would bring a bit of glam even to my current sniffly state.

I’ve always wanted to be a necklace person — my old housemate in uni once said that all she needed was the right necklace to make an outfit work, and she could have left the house in the proverbial burlap sack and still looked awesome. Incidentally, I think it’s because of this old housemate that I became obsessed with armwarmers for about six months. I knit up half a dozen of them, stitched together a couple from scraps of fleece, lopped off the arms of Goodwill sweaters, and wore them about proudly. My arms were the warmest they’d ever been. And yet, I didn’t have a single pair of flaming felted armwarmers by Dagmara Buczek.

This seems like a huge oversight on my part.


One Response to “etsy sunday: felted neck pieces”

  1. loutheperson 7 February 2010 at 6:00 pm #

    wow they are gorgeous, the last three are my favourite by far!! Love the all wool necklace!

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