suddenly february

8 Feb

It was all going so well. For a brief period, it seemed as though we had leapt over February and got stuck straight into March. It was delightful. The grass started to unfurl and think about growing again. The garden was beginning to wake up a bit. The birds were becoming coy and casting about for nesting materials.

I was going to do a proper photoshoot today for my new sock pattern but all of a sudden, the clouds rolled in and huge, fat snowflakes started dropping out of the skies…

Arg! This after a whole weekend of lovely watery sun and a valiant effort on the sun’s part to brighten things up. And did I take advantage of it? No! Instead I moped about, all groany and heavy-lidded with cold.

That will teach me. Lesson No. 1 of photography: shoot when the conditions are good NO MATTER WHAT!

Ah well. The only thing to be done now is get on with other work and make up a nice big vat of lentil soup. Mmmm. Lentil and mushroom soup. Mmmm. Lentil and mushroom soup with French tarragon. And crusty hunks of bread.

February is never so bad when you’ve got lovely soup and bread to look forward to.

One Response to “suddenly february”

  1. Brooke 9 February 2010 at 10:22 am #

    Glad to hear you’re finally beginning to feel better though!

    And might I ask if that’s the lentil soup with tarragon from the Veganomicon with mushrooms? Because if so, you may have just given me the most wonderful idea for dinner ever to arrive in my brain at 9.30am…

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