of yarn and… potatoes?

10 Feb

This past weekend, my parents were up in Huddersfield visiting my granddad. They had all gone into town Sunday afternoon and while they were there Granddad requested a special trip to his favourite gardening shop so he could pick out seed potatoes — for me! Hurrah!!

Funnily enough, I was thinking just earlier this week that I’m going to have to pick some up soon, otherwise I’ll miss out (the Dulwich Garden Centre seems to run out as quickly as they come in), but now I’ve got two whole bags waiting for chitting: Maris Peers and Sharps Express. My granddad is so awesome.

Although I have been spending a lot of time at the British Library being a good student these days, that doesn’t mean I’ve not been knitting. Or at least planning to knit: I’ve been sketching out a couple new sweater patterns. The yarn is chosen, I just need to get swatching. I should really post pics of the sketches to see what people think. I’m really excited about one of them as I’m FINALLY going to be using the BMFA Luscious Silk Single I picked up from Alice when she was destashing last year. It’s a gorgeous perfect shimmering green that will be just right for Spring, and I think this will be a pretty quick knit, even if I will be figuring out the logistics as I go.

On the way to and from the library, I’ve been working on the Julia Socks from one of my very favourite design projects, the Family Trunk Project, out of Sundara Sock — lovely! I received both pattern and yarn in a swap before Christmas and love both! I can’t wait to get them finished so I can start wearing them.

The Heart Strings pattern is socloseIcanfeelit to being ready for release. I took advantage of a window of sun yesterday morning and got a photoshoot in. I’m not sure I really got the main shot I wanted, although the sighing punchdrunk angst of this picture makes me giggle — punchdrunk sock. Ha!

I almost wish I could just be happy with taking pictures of them on sock blockers or something, but I prefer it when patterns show a design actually dressing the bit of the body it’s intended for. I’m going to give myself till Friday to get this puppy together!!


One Response to “of yarn and… potatoes?”

  1. loutheperson 14 February 2010 at 11:56 am #

    Just read about the family trunk project! What a great idea! I am going to follow this one! The Julia socks are just amazing!

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