the february garden

12 Feb

Most of my garden is looking pretty sorrowful these days. It snowed AGAIN on Wednesday and even though I found my gardening gloves hiding in the airing cupboard, they still haven’t made it outside to get stuck into a pre-spring tidy.

However, my ‘upstairs’ garden — that is, the containers I’ve got both in- and outside my kitchen window sills — is still showing signs of life.

My onions are showing new shoots (and a mystery plant on the far side!) — and a couple of old ones that will need harvesting as soon as the sun comes out to stay.

My carrots are hanging in there — and I’ve even got some rogue spinach popping up among the clutter of broken eggshells, yarn and leaves.

My indoor rocket patch is blooming as ever — there is nothing like fresh home-grown rocket in a mid-winter sarnie!

I have my last two chilli peppers waiting to be harvested. My Chillimina isn’t looking anywhere near as good as Lou’s, so I’m debating whether or not to yank her and start again or try to coax her into another year.

However, my chives… not so good. This is what happens when the kittens decide they don’t like their new food.


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