kitchen garden tip tuesday 7

23 Feb

The days are getting longer, but spring still seems a long way away. It’s been dreary and wet and generally pretty poo in my part of London for so long, when we had a patch of sun last Friday I nearly wept with joy. Good thing I didn’t, those tears would have left frost-bitten trails all down my cheeks.


Frozen berries lose their flavour when burned. Last summer I went berry picking with my dearheart and we still have half a freezer full of fresh frozen berries: perfect for injecting a bit of cheer into February.

When using frozen berries, it’s a good idea to avoid using any that have fallen victim to freezer burn — that block of raspberry ice is going to be pretty flavourless. You should be able to still shake the berries in the bag freely, or at least loosen them easily.


Flowering plants, veggie or other, are vital for garden health. Sunshine and flowers may seem a long way off, but now is definitely the time to be thinking about summer, especially in the garden. I’ve got two large, and several smaller, containers dedicated to just pretty, beneficial insect-attracting flowers and I’ve been giving some serious thought as to how flowering vegetables will feed into the mix.

For instance, tomatoes and peppers and zucchini all produce lovely flowers, so they’re all in. As is pumpkin. Although my pumpkin failed on me last year in terms of bearing fruit, it did produce a huge vine of flowers that the bees seemed to love, which helped pollinate the rest of my garden. So while I doubt I’ll be teeming with jack-o’lanterns come October, that vine will still help increase my harvest big time.


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