new vogue knitting

24 Feb

Is it me, or is Vogue Knitting becoming the home of ANTM winners? First McKey in her hats, now Teyona. I’m relatively new to the addictive world of ANTM, so perhaps it’s always been so.

Regardless, while I’m not swept away by much of this new issue, I do think this tunic-esque pullover is rather fetching.

The slim arms and fitted shoulders allow for a drapier skirt, while that slight lift to the collar just appeals to my sensibilities — and really makes me want that necklace. HUGE BEADS! I wish I could pull something like that off.

The issue’s 360° is up as well — be warned if you’re at work, though, the music might betray you’re not on task. Actually, I really like this feature. For years people have bitched about Vogue Knitting’s fashion mag inclinations, i.e. a tendency to pin cloths into place in a way that isn’t necessarily reflected in the pattern. This feature lets you get close enough to the garment to see how it fits, gapes and all.


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