knitting happy!!!

28 Feb

Wow, I think I have just spent an entire fortnight doing nothing but knitting! Well, except for taking driving lessons, working, cleaning cooking, etc. It seems my creative side needed a bit of needles and yarn therapy!

It has been a while since I have focused solely on the knit, as Emmms and I have both been sewing up a storm for madebyloumms, but after sorting out my yarn stash a few weeks ago the desire was too great!

In my sort out I came across the first item I even attempted to make by adapting a pattern to my own design!

Back in late 2007, as a relatively new knitter, without the yarn snobbery I have now developed, I embarked on quite a big project: a knitted dress. The only yarn at hand was this squeaky, shiny, acrylic, 1000 yards in total. Today I would not even look twice at this stuff but it was perfect at the time for the 80s little black dress I could not get out of my head.

The dress is worked in garter stitch as one piece from the bottom front to the bottom back with the arms being knit at the same time as the top body.

The waist is shaped by a few decreases and a change in stitch to give a tighter feel.

A few increases follow as the dress hugs the hips and ends at the knee, possibly with a split up the back!

It all came to an end when I ran out of yarn and could not face buying any more of this stuff; however, I do believe my mam has some of this yarn in her stash, so I might just get on the phone and get her to post it down to me.

Thankfully, I also came across the design notes to go with the dress so maybe this project will make it off the needles after all!


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