if in doubt, just make it up

2 Mar

Another of the knitting projects I have been working on at the moment is this sweater, To Wear With Anything from A Stitch In Time by Jane Waller and Susan Crawford.

Ever since this book was released I have been obsessed with it, and a little jealous as I would love to have come up with this idea myself!

They have taken 60 patterns both written and knit between 1921 and 1949 and made them relevant to today, adapting the patterns to use with beautiful modern yarns and techniques.

If only all I did was sit at home and knit!

Anyway I have been working on this sweater for a few weeks now, knitting it in a combination of egyptian cotton and a bamboo/cotton blend from Garn Studio and Love Luna. I love the effect the two-tone combination has created in breaking up the diamond lace and the moss stitch.

It has been a really fun and relatively quick knit; however, when I came to sew the piece together I found that not only had I obviously not read the pattern correctly but I had managed to miss out an entire pattern repeat on the front piece! I is quite strange, as even though I had missed out about 12 rows, both pieces were the same size!!

Really don’t know what I have done there but I am going to look at it as a crazy design feature. I have a bit more to sew up, with the help of Emmms who has become a fantastic seam sewer! Thanks, Emmms. I will make sure I put up another final finished pic!!

I also have some amazing buttons to add to this, so cant wait to get it finished.

Once it is done, I am marching straight onto my second project from the same book, Concentrate on the Sleeves


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