kitchen garden tip tuesday 8

2 Mar

I’m going to have to be short this week as I’ve just realised I’ve got a 250-page document to edit and a 1,000-word review to write for FRIDAY! Eeep. I kind of failed on the organisation front this week. It was for good reason, however. I was sewing buttons on to the likes of Be My Owl, Chatty Chicken and Secret Owliness. Chatty Chicken is perhaps not the best name I’ve come up with, but it’s in honour of my friend Kyliemac, who declares people ‘chatty Cathies’ with the sort of abandon I find delightful. Maybe I should change it to Gossiping Hens. They’re just so cute, with those little upturned beaks.

Equally delightful are those pink owls!!!! Look at all those exclamation points! Usually, I leave multiple exclamations to Lou, but those owls just turn me into the girliest girly-girl.* I giggle and swoon in their presence. It’s quite extraordinary.

Anyway, this was supposed to be short and sweet, so before it turns into a giant gush-fest, let’s turn our attention to:


Sweet crikey, if my favourite breakfast these days isn’t porridge. Proper hob-cooked porridge. I love it. I multiple-exclamation points love it, but I’m trying to be restrained. For me, the instructions on the packet always leave you with way too much, so I pare it down to 1/3 c. rolled oats, 1/3 c. water and 1/3 c. whole milk (of course, soya/almond/goat/oat etc. milk is substitutable). I let it sit in the saucepan for as long as it takes to get the just-boiled water from my kettle into my cafetière. Then I place it on the hob, medium-high heat, and stir occasionally, vigorously for about 4 minutes (or about as long as you’d leave the coffee to brew); I also keep an extra 1/3 c. milk handy to add. Between stirring, I prepare my bowl with small heaps each of sultanas, ground almonds and pumpkin seeds. Once the oats are nice and thick, I pour them straight into the bowl, on top of my additions, add some brown sugar or honey, or maple syrup if I’m feeling saucy, and whisk it gently together. It’s divine.


If you have containers, particularly plastic containers, you might be wise to remember that they hold a lot more water than you think. Particularly when it rains for a week straight. If you can manage some sort of covering, even if it’s just a tarp propped up between two sticks, your roots will thank you. And if you can somehow manoeuvre the tarp to drain directly into a water butt, your water bill will thank you later.

* It should be noted that Lou is NOT a girly-girl at all, but when she is enthusiastic about something she is Very Enthusiastic about something. And she likes to share her enthusiasm with exclamation points.


One Response to “kitchen garden tip tuesday 8”

  1. jiva 9 March 2010 at 8:41 pm #

    I’m with you on the porridge but ever thought of toasting off the seeds or nuts? and soaking the raisins in the boiled water first. I can always think of a new combination of fruits and nuts. you may like to follow :) I’m not her.

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