cosy knitted handwarmer muffs

8 Mar

I really wanted to make my sister a set of knitted earmuffs for her birthday as she is always out in the morning walking the dog and I imagine gets pretty cold.

Unfortunately, they just didn’t work out the way that I wanted them to so instead of wasting the time and effort and ripping my work back I decided to turn the muff parts into knitted handwarmers similar to the sewn fabric ones we have on Etsy and Folksy.

The addition of a strap and button help to keep the wheat bag safely inside and also allow a string to be attached so you can thread it across the back of your coat as you did with your mitts when you were a child!

The wheat I normally use for the inserts is a fair-trade organic wheatgerm, however any edible wheat germ will work fine!

I have written up the pattern I used and also added instructions on how to make the insert wheat bag, too!

So here they are, the wheat-filled handwarmers to keep your hands cosy and toasty warm during the cold mornings, helping to protect your hands from a cold steering wheel on the way to work, cheer your team from the sidelines, potter about the garden, keep warm at the farmers’ market, walk that excited dog or for anyone with poor circulation or rheumatism!

You can download the pattern here or on Ravelry!!

I have also put together a tutorial on how to make the inserts!!!!


One Response to “cosy knitted handwarmer muffs”

  1. emmms 8 March 2010 at 7:15 pm #

    You did it!! I love these, they are genius! That tutorial is ace, as well!

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