starting block

8 Mar

I have been itching to get started on my seeds and, inspired by the glorious blue skies and sunshine we’ve been having lately, yesterday I tie on my gardening apron, threw some seed packets in one pocket and a trowel in another, and got started.

Outside (hopefully weathering the still-frosty mornings we’re having), I’ve got the potatoes my grandad bought me down last month, plus some delicious yellow onions. I picked one of the varieties I used last year, so I know they’re going to be small but packed with flavour.

Inside, however, is where the action really is. They’re not much to look at now, but in a couple of week (cats-willing) I’ll be bursting forth with seedlings. I used the same trainer method Lou suggests in her tutorial from last year, using cardboard toilet rolls cut in half, or in thirds depending, as well as a knackered old ziplock baggie sliced up, to provide my greenhouse effect.

Flat-leaf parsley
Chilli peppers
Chilli peppers
Basil (left) and four kinds of tomatoes (right)
Basil (left) and four kinds of tomatoes (right)
 Zucchini and eggplant
Zucchini and eggplant


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