wheatbag tuitorial

8 Mar

Here is the tuitorial to go with the cosy knitted handwarmer muffs.


Note: You want to make sure you have enough fabric to make 4 pieces, it should take a piece approx. 9 inches by 11 inches.

1: Cut out or copy the template.

2: Take your piece of fabric fold it, right sides facing in, halve lengthways and iron.

3: Open it back up and fold both the top and the bottom edges to meet the middle iron line.

4: Place the template on to the fabric so the ‘half’ line sits on the fold of your fabric.

5: Pin into place and cut.

6: Repeat the steps 4 and 5 above 4 times in total. You will now have 4 identical pieces that will create 2 wheat bags.

7: Iron the pieces flat and place two together, with right sides facing, pin into place.


1: Sew around the edge of the fabric as instructed in the diagram, leaving a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

2: Cut the excess fabric away.


1: Turn each piece the right side out.

2: Using a piece of paper, make a funnel.

3: Insert the funnel into the hole you left at the top of the bag.

4: Pour the wheat into the bag through the funnel until the bag is just over half full.


1: Fold down the top (open) edge of the bag neatly, sew closed  and secure using the overlocking stitch. To make the bag more secure you can go over it again with a plain stitch.

Note: Please take care to read the heating instructions for the wheat bags.

Heating instructions:

Pop in the microwave with a cup of water for a maximum of 2.5 minutes, and NEVER heat unattended!

1: Heat at intervals of 30 seconds and never exceed heating time stated.

2: Always put cup of water in the microwave when heating.

3: If signs of burning, cooking or scorching appear, leave to cool, discard and replace with a new one.

4: Always remove from the pocket before heating.

5: Check the temperature before using.

6: Allow to fully cool before re-heating or storing.


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