yarny delivery with extras!

13 Mar

Made by Loumms got a wonderful delivery yesterday, all of the new yarn we ordered on our spree the other day!!!

We both couldn’t wait to see them and thankfully all of the sellers we bought from were very prompt at shipping our lush goods, so we met up last night to ohh and ahh over a glass of red.

Old Maiden Aunt was the first to be opened, and we were very happy with what we saw! Two skeins of bright merino superwash came poking out of the purple paper along with a lovely business card and two Old Maiden Aunt pin badges! The colours of the yarns just pop and ‘The Great Pumpkin’ has so much depth and sheen, it nearly brought Emma to tears! We already have these two lined up for a pattern!

When we opened the bag from Yarns, we were speechless. The hand-painted yarn is incredible, a fantastic fibre, great twist, soft and squishy with colours ranging from turquoise through olive green to a burnt orange. But not only that, inside the bag were some cute little stickers and a beautifully scented lavender bag adorned with a flower-shaped button! What a great touch! We didn’t know what to be more excited about, the yarn or the extra goodies!

This got us talking about the importance of adding that personal touch when you post and pack an item, especially a hand-made/hand-painted one. We both appreciate it when we receive that handwritten thank-you note or neatly wrapped or tied item in the packet, it makes you feel that the spinner/designer/dyer/artist has put that extra little bit of thought into it. It also adds more of a connection between the buyer and the seller which is often lost when buying things over the net.

Thank you, Old Maiden Aunt and Yarns, for both the yarn and the little extras!!!

Emmms has not yet seen this yarn as it only arrived today, but I was too excited to wait! In a beautiful range of pink shades from pale to fuchsia this merino/nylon blend ‘Raspberry Jam’ is from hand-painter and Etsy seller Amy’s Rainbow. Another thoughtful seller, the smiley sticker on the wrapping paper was a nice touch! Thanks so much!!!


One Response to “yarny delivery with extras!”

  1. emmms 14 March 2010 at 2:47 pm #

    Gah!!! I can’t believe it’s arrived! It looks amazing! What a fantastic collection of yarn we have!

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