spring into socks

15 Mar

I’ve been an admirer of Austrian designer Julia Riede ever since I found her Joanna knee-high sock pattern on Etsy. Her designs are delicate and cably, with an elegant ‘alpine’ aesthetic. Think Heidi meets Maria Erlbacher with a touch of Viennese sophistication (wildly mixing heritages, there, I know!). Although really, it’s the styling as much as anything that sways me. Her photographs tell a story, with the socks as the main protagonist.

Gorgeous photography aside, this is one talented designer and most exciting of all, earlier this year she embarked upon a Year of Knee-highs pattern series! I think she’s only got a couple of patterns out so far, but they’re fantastic; I’m really glad to have caught on so early as there will be plenty to look forward to. As one half of a team that’s just come off a Year of Design, I will be cheering her on to the finish line — that is, if I don’t get swept along.

As it happens, after finding this amazing sock yarn from Finnish dyer Ninnukka, I’m already starting to think Julia’s March pair, Spring Blossom, is a must.


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