to shop or not to shop???

16 Mar

Pretty soon me and my love will be jetting off to the States, a 4-day stop in Las Vegas followed by more days in New York City so I have been searching the net looking for yarn/fabric/vintage shops to visit along the way.

I don’t think we will have much time to shop for the above in Vegas, however there is a yarn shop, Woolly Wonders, at the bottom of the very long road we are staying on! I do believe it is on the way to the Liberace museum which we will definitely be taking a trip to, so I might just have to pop in and check it out!

Manhattan will be the place to go shopping, I think! I have come across a few yarn stores that take my fancy, the first one being Purl in Soho which is run by the people who run the blog Purl Bee which is linked in our own ‘crafty reads’! They have both a yarn shop and fabric shop, selling so many lush items that I just have to check them out. I was a bit worried though as I knew that they are planning to move their stores to a bigger site in April, I got in contact and thankfully they will be open while I am there!!!!

The second yarny shop I want to visit is Downtown Yarns who stock the likes of Madeline Tosh and Koigu and I am really looking forward to seeing the Ozark Handspun

Another possibility is the friendly looking shop Gotta Knit on East 34th street, and as we will probably be staying in the East Village I should pop into Gotham Fine Yarns too!!!

Well, that’s yarn sorted, fabric is proving a bit difficult! The fabric district in Manhattan seems to be the place to be, but there are just so many I am not sure where to start. I came across PaulaNadelstern a website that lists a huge array of fabric/ribbon/haberdashery stores but the two I will probably check out are B and J Fabrics, and Paron Fabrics. I just wish I had more time to go looking while I am there as we all know the good part of a day can be lost in a good fabric store!

Now for vintage shops, I think I will rely on my good friend Emma M as she is fab for that sort of thing and has been to NYC many times!

If any one has any advice or knows of a great shop I just have to check out then please let me know as I will be very grateful!!!!!!

Oh yeah, and any good crafty markets people have visited there??????


2 Responses to “to shop or not to shop???”

  1. emmms 17 March 2010 at 10:18 am #

    Go to Brooklyn!! That’s where Matthew and I went when we visited and there are a tonne of fantastic vintage places. We weren’t there for more than a quick run-through, so I don’t know about yarn or fabric so much, but it’s a seriously crafty neighbourhood.

  2. emmms 17 March 2010 at 10:19 am #

    Brooklyn’s where the Threadbanger folk hang out, too! Seriously crafty neighbourhood.

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