etsy sunday: euro week

21 Mar

I’m super excited about Euro Week, in celebration of the brand new Etsy Lab in Berlin. I cast my vote this morning and really encourage everyone to check out the vote and cast yours too. Interestingly, they don’t show you how everyone has voted until after you press ‘Cast Vote’, which really lends itself well to keeping your choice unbiased and honest. My favourite is not in the top ten, but definitely safely in the middle of the pack (but I really hope they pull ahead!).

Because you can only cast the one vote, I rather felt it would be an injustice not to share my favourites.

From France, La Pomme‘s delicate hand-embroidered pillowcases lend an artisanal hand-drawn touch that is a must for any home. I think I might actually prefer the owlie pillowcases in the shop to the mushrooms, but I love the simplicity of the sketched lines and spidery writing.

From London, UK, Nadinoo shows off an updated vintage feel with the fabulous Pixie’s Peacock Mini. This is absolutely one of my very favourites, no less because I am aching to own one for myself!

From Spain, María Goti Joyas‘s fantastic Criaturas Marinas pendant is made with fossilised coral and cultured pearls.  The hint of a shy scuttling crab is just so subtle and so very wearable.

Another from France, Madame Houx has made protecting your surfaces even more of a must with these sweet double-sided coasters. The rabbits are just darling, but I love the subtle play with colour in the whip stitch basting the edges on the underside.

From Italy, Ninu speaks to my on-going quest for the perfect bag, with the Claudia bag in peanut brown. My love of pockets, snaps and a nice sturdy base are balanced out nicely with the clear roominess and heft of this gorgeous bag.

From Istanbul, Turkey, LemKa B brings a ray of sunshine to an otherwise milky spring day, with this awesome sunshine yellow silk belt, hand-decorated with pretty leather flowers. This piece would totally brighten up anything from jeans and a tunic to a smart pencil skirt.

A second from the UK, this collection of embroidered hoops from Ozzana mimic traditional nesting Russian dolls. I am very tempted by these. Actually, I’m very tempted to break out my languishing supply of embroidery materials and set to work.

Lastly, from Finland, Maari makes the most incredible ceramic housewares, including the Koiva Raku birch vase which just makes me weak at the knees. When I first looked at it, I really did think it was made of real birch bark; that it’s a hand-made ceramic piece is just breath-taking.


One Response to “etsy sunday: euro week”

  1. Maari 25 March 2010 at 2:57 pm #

    Thank you for featuring my birch vase. I just found your blog and am glad I did! The Euro week has been excellent on Etsy. I have received so many words of encouragement and have been introduced to so many great artists in Europe. This post is another excellent showcase of talented artists in Europe. Thank you! Maari

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