new knitty — spring/summer double bill

22 Mar

Spring and summer can be so hard to knit for and even harder to design for, but I really think the new issue of Knitty has got it right.

I really like the Que Sera cardigan, with its sweet lace and vintage feel; it looks as wearable as it does knittable and I love the yarn they chose for it. Funnily enough, the yarn choice is what very nearly made me overlook the Emmaline pullover. At first glance it looked unfinished and a bit weirdly bulky for this time of year. However, on closer inspection, I really like the fit, I love the details and the yarn, I admit, is growing on me. I think if I knit it I’ll use a thinner yarn, but only just thinner (something like Vinni’s Colours bamboo, perhaps). I might even add a schmancy edging round the bottom hem from Franklin Habit’s Three Lace Edgings. I swear it’s as though that man was reading my mind: I’ve been silently obsessing over edgings and scallops since December but hadn’t worked up the courage to really give it a go. Now, I might just have to.

Topping my very favourites, however, are the Torreyana Shawl and the Know It All programmable felted bag. These two are complete opposite-end-of-the-spectrum projects.

The Torreyana Shawl is vaguely reminiscent of Alice Yu’s Aurantium Blossom shawl and just as gorgeous. I think I might even have some yarn that would be perfect for it.

The Know It All bag, on the other hand, tickles every crafty, DIY bone in my body. It incorporates a simple circuit board to create an on-bag LED row counter. How awesome is that?! The mere thought of all those craftacular extras makes me swoon.


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