kitchen garden tip tuesday 9

23 Mar


Use your leftovers. This is only a ridiculous ‘tip’ if you already do so, but I know there are heaps of people (including my dear mama) who will only use pasta sauce as pasta sauce.

This weekend we made pizza, which requires a fairly basic tomato sauce. The leftovers of that tomato sauce went into a delicious mushroomy pasta sauce. Kidney beans, TVP and peppers, among other things, will be added to the leftovers of that to become a hearty veggie chilli. The chilli will probably be the last incarnation of the tomato sauce, but that’s still three different meals got out of one simple base.


Encourage beneficial insects with carefully placed shelters. Inspired by our new Bees in Spring bag, this week I’m on a mission to create bee and butterfly sanctuaries in my garden. As well as incorporating flowering plants into my garden to encourage beneficial insects, adding a shelter or a spot to rest is a great way of encouraging them to stay.

You can find insect houses in shops, but you can makeshift a wee bug hut by taking an old plant pot, padding it out with dried leaves and other bits of garden debris and leaving it on its side in a sheltered spot, tipped slightly downwards so if any water gets in it can drain properly. This last bit is especially important as it must be as dry as possible to be effective, otherwise any insect visitors you get might drown if it rains.


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