apples and pains

24 Mar

For the past few weeks I have been suffering with sciatica, which together with the pain and discomfort from the damn hernia I developed at the end of last year I am pretty much falling apart! Towards the end of last week it all got a bit too much and work instructed me to take a couple of days off to rest.

This all basically means that I have to lie down a lot and try to do nothing, both of which I am incapable of doing! I am not good at doing nothing, my brain starts guilt tripping me, saying I should be doing something however my body is telling me to slow down! So because of all of this my sewing projects have been put on the side line however knitting requires absolutely no use of my legs or back.

I have managed to finish (hand) sewing up my To Wear With Anything sweater and it now has its own cute little flower buttons!

Having time dedicated only to knitting and relaxing has actually been lovely, I got started, and am now half way through my Concentrate on the Sleeves, which I am knitting using Garnstudio Drops Alaska 100% wool in a beautiful shade of blue. The yarn has such texture, gives great stitch definition and the colour is making my mouth water!! Love this stuff. So sturdy which is perfect for this project!

This project has given me the perfect excuse to put to use the sweater perfect bag I sewn up for myself a couple of weeks ago!

I fell in love with the fabric when I saw it being used by Sarahkincheloe for a needle case in her shop on Etsy.

I got in contact with her and asked if she could customise a case for me using this particular fabric and she agreed! So amazing of her! Anyway I had to wait as she needed to order the fabric so said it would be a few weeks.  I have it now, nearly a month after it arrived, due to the fact that I was not aware it was waiting at the post office for me! I was sorting out the huge pile of papers that had built up in the living room (do nothing?… hmmm!) and came across the post office note saying that I needed to collect it!

Well here it is, in all of its glory! Padded, with a fabric tie to hold it closed, it can hold up to 33 sets of needles! Very well-made too, and of course fab fabric!

And here are the matching pair which have cheered me right up!!! Thanks Emmms for the gift of the fabric!!

Thanks so much, Sarah too, for the case!!!!!!!


3 Responses to “apples and pains”

  1. emmms 24 March 2010 at 5:58 pm #

    I LOVE those buttons!! And I love that set. That fabric is so you!

  2. Steph 25 March 2010 at 10:29 pm #

    I love your blog and I hope you are feeling better. I had severe sciatica a couple years ago and the chiropractor was able to do much more to relieve the pain and heal it that a regular doctor. Might be worth a try.


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