cheer and then some

1 Apr

In spite of my fervent declarations of rain-love, waking to brilliant sunshine this morning was fantastic. Just the thing to get me up and out of bed.

I checked up on my seedlings — the zucchini is such a sunflower! Its huge leaves were practically pressed up against the window. I think I should be able to transfer it to a bigger pot soon, at least once the second new leaf is more established. the house for a morning run.

My tomato seedlings have plateaued for the moment, but I’m not too worried (especially with the duck on guard). I think their leaves are resting while the roots get stronger. I’ve got some great seaweed-based root encourager so I’ll mix some of that into its water tomorrow morning.

Satisfied, I slipped into my running shoes and was just heading out the door when I was met by my postie, bearing fabric!

Cute owls and more of that gorgeous Bambi print, hurrah!

Fabric Rehab has been putting together these fantastic bundles of FQs for ever and as soon as I saw the owlie fiesta, I had to have it! I love how bright and bold those colours are.

Then, during my run this morning I got a text from the blogless Dr Quick saying Ysolda had mentioned our bags in her latest post as one of the things keeping the spring inside, even if it’s gone a bit grim out. She added a pic of some of the bags she’s picked up from us, including Blushing Ducks right at the front! (You know, it’s because of that bag, or rather that fabric, that I now stand by the rule: If you like it, GET IT! I’ve never found it since and it’s so one of my favourite prints.)

Thanks, Ysolda, for the mention among other very cheering ephemera! Oooh, and to our readers, check out her spangly blog make-over! I love the green lettering, but those plush purple tabs are the Business.


One Response to “cheer and then some”

  1. Maike 3 April 2010 at 8:10 am #

    Fabulous fabrics!! Loooove the owls =)

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