easter round-up

7 Apr

Easter weekend was a jam-packed blur, but such a great jam-packed blur!

First came the monster storm of orders coming in from Folksy. Granted, it was ‘monster’ for us — I’m pretty sure it would be a slow day for some sellers over there! But for our humble enterprise it was gifreakingnormous and seriously awesome.

That was followed by a monster storm of sewing in which I stitched up 10 new bags in ONE DAY, including:

I managed to have the fabric cut for another 4 bags (which I sewed together on Sunday) and dither and waiver over my fabric stash to match up material for another 7 bags, too.

I think I probably would have got to them and more had it not been for Matthew and my joint early birthday party at his parents. This was so much fun! I love his family and all but his brother/brother’s family that live up North were there. We were feted gloriously, with a lovely Chinese takeaway and a delicious vegan brownie cake made by his sister. Aside from a pub-load of gin (yum!) I received a new knapsack so I can start biking my laptop SAFELY up to the British Library, as well as Vegan with a Vengeance AND The Joy of Vegan Baking, score!

Monday was I was torn between a feverish attack on the ever-encroaching hordes of slugs in my garden (DOWN SLUGS!) and sewing on buttons and making those last finishing touches before staging a photoshoot and sticking the first 10 up on Made by Loumms. While I was in my garden earlier I noticed much to my chagrin that some of my broccoli had started flowering, so for my dinner I had the rest! So tasty. I’d harvested my Brussels for dinner Friday, so this was a bit of a garden produce weekend!

In the madness I completely missed my Etsy Sunday finds so I guess this is my first Etsy Wednesday. Combining two of my favourite things, recycling and gardening with one of my not-so-secret loves, gorgeous shoes I present:

The Reclaimed Rhinesetoned Stiletto Heel Succulent Planter. Isn’t it AWESOME!?


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