twist collective spring 2010

8 Apr

The spring 2010 issue of Twist Collective came out last week and I cannot get it out of my mind. I’ll catch myself when I should be working, gazing off into space dreaming of all the lovely garments and accessories that could be mine. If only I had the time to knit them all!

I’ll admit I wasn’t blown away by the Hothouse Flowers section; it’s a bit too girly for me, and I do wish someone had told the model to stand up straight. It’s only a slight slouch, but it makes some of the garments she’s wearing look like they’re weighing her down. However, the Arabesque section which features an array of stoles, shawls and shawlettes, is stunning.

Courting Sophia, a beautiful, drapey rectangular stole with a delicate edging, immediately sent me running to my stash to see if I have anything that might work (answer, not sure; it may have provided me with an excuse to buy some laceweight!). Similarly, Damask and Kadril set me cooing, filled with images of myself in light summery dresses walking down the South Bank with a shawl fluttering about my shoulders or hard at work at the British Library swathed in fine lace to keep off the chill. Although I’m not sure I really want to make Cascata, the movement and energy of the photos alone make me want it. Or at least make me want to be dancing.

The last piece in this issue that sent me absolutely and completely over the edge in raptures is Timpani by Connie Chang Cinchio. This cardigan is a bit of a departure from her usual style and I LOVE it! It’s so structural and engaging and brimming with poise and confidence. And I don’t mean the model, either (lovely though she is). The cardigan itself has a real presence that just makes me yearn for it to be in my closet.


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