the lure of green

9 Apr

I went to bed last night happy in the knowledge my sweet had had a lovely birthday and full of bold plans for diligent studenting and firmness of resolve and concentration.

flowering crown broccoli

I awoke this morning to blue, blue skies begging to be enjoyed. So to reward myself for at least getting started, after an hour or two I ran outside with some seed packets and a bottle of seaweed extract and got to sowing.

a tub of chard

Down today: carrots, parsnips, broccoli (crown and purple sprouting), Brussel sprouts, lettuce, spinach, parsley and basil, as well as some Morning Glory and sundry flowers. I also sowed another couple of pepper, tomato and eggplant seeds as not all of them took the first time.

last year's strawberry babies

Indoors my zucchini is nearly large enough to be transplanted to a larger pot and my tomatoes are all developing third and fourth leaves, which is brilliant! I’m going to wait another three weeks, till I can be just about certain there will be no more surprise overnight frosts, before planting them out.

Normally I don’t feel like I’ve really done enough if I don’t come in caked in earth, but this  morning was especially messy work as in moving my pots around I came across some GINORMOSLUGS that had to be dealt with swiftly and remorselessly. Damn slugs. They, and some of their shell-bearing brethren, were thrown straight into the path of oncoming traffic, and their eggs were squished, as many as I could find. I am determined to find a non-toxic way of keeping them at bay this year, because I have a small feeling this is only the start of a long and ugly war.

ETA: If only I had come across this gorgeous hand-turned dibber before venturing out this morning! What fantastic workmanship. I’ve wanted to be a woodworker ever since my 7th grade Design and Technology classes where I became utterly enamoured with how lathes work. Take a look at Diggiwoodturner’s profile page! A woodturner after my own heart!


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