etsy sunday: cake

11 Apr

It’s my thirtieth birthday on Wednesday and so my thoughts have been filled with cake and icing for DAYS. Actually, my belly is filled with cake and icing today as I met up with Arianna from Bittersweet Bakers, who is baking my ‘family’ birthday cake and my ‘party’ birthday cake. This is her first major foray into vegan cake and I have to say it’s as though she’s been a chartered member of the Vegan Baking Society for years. Maybe a founding cupcake queen.

I’m not sure what Arianna’s apron looks like, but I reckon one decked in a hand-painted peasant would lend itself nicely to some real home cooking.

These wooden spoon, perfectly sculpted and satisfyingly worn, would be quite perfect for mixing up a smooth, rich batter.

Pretty spotty cannisters make measuring out ingredients far easier than wrestling with bags. I should think these three would be quite perfect for flour and sugar and sultanas.

That lovely red might just inspire a Strawberry and Chocolate cake out of me.

Or perhaps some wee cupcakes. That’s always the real debate at birthdays, isn’t it? A nice large cake or a great big tray of perfectly iced cupcakes?

If I went for a proper triple-layer cake, piled high with genache, I would have to present it on this fantastic trivet.

But I think for cupcakes, I couldn’t do better than a hand-made cakestand, made from vintage crockery.

Of course, the very most important thing is to remember to invite all your favourite people to share. Birthdays are so much better surrounded by friends. Even if they will insist upon making fun of you for being old.


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