pothole gardener

23 Apr

So what do you do when you love gardening but have no garden?? Use the street of course!!

I came across an article in the London Metro yesterday about a guy called Steve Wheen who plants flowers in pot holes around London. This is such a great idea!

Pothole garden number 5

(image from thepotholegardener.com)

London streets have always had their fair share of potholes but after the really cold winter last year and all of the snow the potholes seem to have tripled so what better way to use them than for gardening!

I just love the way that he characterises them with the use of props as well as flowers, but it really must be heart breaking when a car drives over it!

I think this is a hobby we must all take up even just to brighten up the concrete streets or garden paths!

Check out Steve at his blog to see what he is up to next!

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