etsy/folksy sunday: drop seeds not bombs

25 Apr

I think I might be getting the guerilla gardening bug!

I know I have a garden of my own but due to the fact that I am probably going to leave this flat pretty soon I have abstained from doing anything major in there for a while so it is not as painful to leave.

Because of this the cats have taken over again! It is still a lovely garden but without the abundance of newly formed seedlings that it housed this time last year.

I know Emmms has been keeping up with her garden this year, however I think I may still suggest to her that we get out into the streets and spread a bit of colour and cheer!

On that note I was looking through Etsy and Folksy to see what kind of guerilla gardening goodies they had!

I think anyone wanting to take this hobby up has to own a few seed bombs to scatter about the grey and unkept urban wilderness:

Eco – Friendly Seed Bombs from Softelbow

Seed Bombs - Eco Friendly
East Coast Seed Bombs
Basil Bombs
Get really serious with these grenade style bombs from kabloom
Large image
Or why not make your own with this great kit from LAUrbanHarvest
Gather all your seed bombs up, put your wellies on and head out into the street and start spreading some love!

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