a window sill of teeny tiny

29 Apr

After all the travelling and juggling of the past few weeks, awesome though it was, I’m afraid I’ve rather neglected my garden. My poor little seedlings are at risk of stunting terribly and I won’t even mention the revolting map of slime the slugs have been drawing all over the topography of my pots outdoors (though stay tuned for next week’s Kitchen Garden Tip Tuesday…). Today, however, I finally got down to transplanting my tomato, pepper (chilli and bell), eggplant, parsley and basil seedlings into larger pots, so they can stretch their roots a bit before moving up and outdoors.

I’m clearly very late this year, even though I started quite early. I think this means that the initial stems are actually quite strong, and the roots, while not fat, have already begun to develop into a nice network.

That said, they aren’t nearly as far along as they would have been had I upgraded them even a week ago and I was a bit rough with them while transplanting. I live in hope that as it’s still early enough in the season that I can start again should anything fail.

(I pretend to be quite casual about it but am actually rather nervous it’s all going to collapse and horribly. Matthew calls it Gardening with Gusto, I’m not so sure.)


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