very scilly stuff, pt. 1 this otherworldly place

29 Apr

The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind in the Emmms half of the Loumms world. I’ve started cycling all over London, which is just as exhausting as it sounds, even if my legs are starting to shape up; I’ve been swept off to Paris and birthday’d beautifully (more to come on that later!); I’ve had a load of thesis delivered via Ethos, which means I finally have an idea as to how to construct a Literary Review. And this past weekend I spent four glorious days in the Isles of Scilly,

which is truly one of the most otherworldly place I’ve ever been and brimming with some of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. The blue skies and crystal clear water is reminiscent of Cyprus or Cuba (the only two points of comparison I have in matters of blue skies and crystal clear water). It’s still quite cool in April but with sun enough to wake up with an unexpected tan the second day there.

Matthew’s band had a gig on the Saturday at the Scillonian Club and then a radio spot the following evening (which were AWESOME), but fortunately the schedule left plenty of time for exploring. And explore we did! There are footpaths and trails meandering all over the place, out to small fishing bays littered with stacks of lobster pots,

up to fields of sheep and cows grazing cliffside to views of the sea,

round to ancient burial grounds that seem to glimmer greenly from centuries of having the moss beaten away by the salty air.

We were staying on St Mary’s and took trips out to Tresco and St Martin’s. Tresco is a little too manicured for my tastes, but the beaches were spectacular. The white, white sand seems to go on forever and (strange fact for the day) it’s so fine that it used to be bottled and shipped up to London in the Victorian era, to be used as luxury ink blotting material for the well-to-do.

Don’t be fooled by that gorgeous blue, however, that water was ICY!!!


One Response to “very scilly stuff, pt. 1 this otherworldly place”

  1. Lara 10 May 2010 at 10:04 pm #

    I have loved your posts about Scilly – it is my favourite place. I used to go on holiday every year as a child and then spent three months camping on St Agnes (looking out over Bishop Rock lighthouse) years ago. I’ve still got friends living on Bryher and am overjoyed to be going back this summer – I got lump in my throat reading your descriptions! Glad you liked it and hurrah for the Woe Betides rocking Scilly… Lxx

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