interweave summer 2010

2 May

There’s a new Interweave Knits preview up and for a summer collection I am really liking a lot of it! There are more early-fall patterns in it than strictly summer ones, but the silhouettes and relaxed tailored aspect of some of the pieces are deeply appealing.

This super cute little dress, the Teacup Pinafore by Carol Feller,  rather makes me wish I was still 6, or at least that it came in adult sizes! It’s whimsical and sweet without being flamboyant or saccharine.

The structural neckline of this tunic top, the Gamin Tank by Cathy Carron, is fantastic! It’s no secret I love a good neckline and this looks cosy and stylish in equal measure. A perfect detail to set off an otherwise pleasingly simple tunic.

This cardigan, the Buttercream Jacket by Deborah Newton, instantly made me think of a Fifties starlet on holiday, possibly on a yacht but definitely tucked away in a cabin somewhere blissfully enjoying a rare moment of solitude. I wasn’t at all enamoured by the colour they’ve chosen initially, but it’s really growing on me. I think that, along with the shortened sleeves, ginormous buttons and cable detail on the shawl collar, might be what drew me in, in the first place.

This sweater, the Beach House Pullover by Mercedes Tarasovitch-Clark, is  exactly what I’d want wrapped round me as I finally tore myself away from a beach-front party. It’s bulky yet not unattractively so. The shawl collar (a trend, perhaps?) and chevron cabling give the sweater a certain grace that point to your slender points rather than chunk out the hips. Maybe ‘padded’ is a better word? Still, just the thing for late August.


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