patching up a problem

2 May

A few weeks ago two pairs of my favourite hand knit socks found their way into the washing basket and therefore into the machine on a 30 degree wash!

When I emptied the washing machine and saw them my heart sank, not only was one pair slightly felted but one of each sock had a hole in the heel!!!! No!!!!

The socks in question were my first proper pair of knitted sock,  Chistery Socks (Monkey by Cookie A),

and my Knee-high-tie (Winding Cable by Chrissy Gardiner)

I have tried to ignore the socks since it happened but woke up today thinking about nothing but, so took them out of the bag and faced up to the problem.

Thankfully I still had a lot of the BFL I used for the Knee-high-tie, however I could not find any of the Gemini Knits yarn I used for the Chistery sock. Searching through my left overs stash I came across some merino in a similar purple to the purple in the Gemini Knits, thank god I keep all of my leftovers safe!

So armed with a set of 2.5mm dpn’s, the yarn, the socks and a tapestry needle I set to work repairing the holes!

To be honest I didn’t really know where to begin but after looking at the socks, the hole and the yarn for a few minutes I decided a patch was the only way forward.

I began by picking up a row of stitches, enough to cover both sides, a few rows above the hole.

I joined the new yarn and began knitting back and forth, picking up the stitch directly below the row I had just worked

and knitting or purling it with the first stitch on the needle to join the flap to the sock.

I continued this method until I had worked a few rows below the hole to be safe.

I then picked up the same amount of stitches on the sock of the row below the one I had just worked.

I then kitchenered these stitches together and tied in the ends!

The second sock was a bit tougher as the heel was originally worked in a twisted rib pattern

however I persevered and it worked out great!!

I really hope these socks hold up now, well they couldn’t be any worse that the way they were before!!


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