kitchen garden tip tuesday 10

4 May

Last week I mentioned I’d stumbled upon an unexpected Kitchen Garden Tip involving the ‘revolting map of slime the slugs have been drawing all over the topography of my pots outdoors‘. As promised, this week all is revealed.


Wine is good with everything. Nothing to do with slime or topography, but at one time definitely dealing with pots (at least according to the archaeological record), this kitchen tip comes courtesy of my dearheart who advises: always have wine handy. Not just for drinking, either. We splash it in everything from pasta sauce to tofu marinade, to add an extra layer of flavour.* Generally we prefer red to drink,  but white makes an excellent deglazer of rice dishes (such as mushroom risotto) and can be awesome paired with some red grapefruit juice in a dressing.


Use your bicycle headlight to help deslug your garden. Slugs and snails threatening your crops? Constantly waking up to find your garden drenched in slime? Fear no more! After cycling home the other night I found a new use for my front bicycle light: search beam. I’d never attempted a stakeout in my front garden for slugs and snails before, but it is so effective! I’m not suggesting this as a nightly activity, but if you cycle home at night taking those five minutes to fling the first wave of snails and slugs into oncoming traffic really does help you sleep better.

* Incidentally, gin is a fantastic addition to penne sauce. Traditionally pundits suggest using vodka, but if that’s not to hand the sweet, sweet fragrance of juniper and other carefully selected botanicals adds a rather delicious kick. Top, of course, with a squeeze of lime.


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