farmers market

9 May

On the way back from the gym on Saturday morning, me and my love stopped off at  Bermondsey Square farmers’ market.

It is a relatively small market with about 12 stalls selling a mixture of fruit, veggies, meat and plants but all the stall-holders are so friendly and helpful, it is a great place to shop!

I was searching for an English Garden Mint plant for my window sill so headed straight to the large plant stall situated in the middle of the square. All of the veggie plants on the stall were so well grown and looked after I could have bought the lot, but on closer inspection I could not spot any English Mint! They had Morocan Mint but no English Mint.

I spoke to the guy running the stall and found out that the owner was working at the Real Food Festival in Earls Court and had taken most of the stock, including the English Garden Mint there with him!! I cant imagine what the normal size of this stall is then!

It turns out that they are at this particular maket on the second Saturday of every month and the stall owner is keen on meeting people who grow their own veggie plants, perfect! I will be back to chat with him in June! Maybe a bit too long to leave it for the mint so going to plant my own from seed.

I did make a few purchases from them though: a beautiful, well-established rocket plant,

a cut-and-grow again salad plant

and a healthy looking coriander plant for all those great curries my love likes to cook!

They are all now living on the window sill beside Chillimena who has started to flower!!

We also picked up some sauerkraut, onion and sausage stir fry and cabbage dumplings from the Polish stall, some wild boar and red wine sausages, and a large seeded cob of bread.

Enjoyed the sausages and bread in a casserole last night and I’ll let you know about the sauerkraut and dumplings as we intend to have them for a delicious Sunday lunch!!


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