where for art thou, mojo?

17 May

My knitting mojo seems to have disappeared lately and I’m really getting tired of the slump. Every time I go over to Lou’s she seems to have another awesome project either on the go or just coming off the needles, while I have been working on the same damn sock for months.

I’m not sure what’s happened, really. I have dreams about knitting. As I walk over to the university (which I’ve just discovered has a dedicated post-grad reading room, w00t!) I fantasise about the cardigans I could be making. While making dinner I divine complex Fair Isle hedgehog-, toadstool- and clover-patterned button bands and mentally pair stash finds. When scouring the supermarket for half-remembered grocery items I contemplate heel construction and how to best shape round the ankle bone. I doodle perfect hemlines, intricate cuffs and whimsical Peter Pan collars in the margins of all my notebooks when I should be training my focus to my research.

I spend literally hours daydreaming about making things and yet whenever I find I have a spare moment to put sticks to string I feel at a loss.

Jenny Check admitted to feeling similarly of late on the newest episode of Stash and Burn, so I wonder if it’s just that mid-spring knitterly melancholy that sets in: between the cold of winter when knitting feels warm and necessary and the summer when it’s too hot to remember whether you pick or throw. It’s like the Sunday of my knitting world and I’m a moody working stooge who recalls I’ve got work tomorrow and suddenly everything is cast in shadows.

What I need to do is follow Jenny’s lead, cast on a few hats and finish them tout suite! There’s nothing like a lovely FO to get rid of knitting blues.

Yes! That’s it. I hereby declare my next post will feature a brand new never-before-seen project — a hat, some mittens, a new sock? Who knows! I am determined to shake these knitting doldrums and get back to making lovely, lovely things.

In other news, and news that’s getting me even more energised to get knitting, we’ve been getting mentions in other blogs of late, hurrah! Thank you very kindly to the Skein Queen for including us with pictures of the adorable Miss Cookie and to NutmegOwl for her awesome review of her Sock- and Sweater-Perfect bag set!

ETA: You know what might really make me want to get knitting again? A new Sock-Perfect bag!! Oooh, and I’ve just had new fabrics delivered, too!


One Response to “where for art thou, mojo?”

  1. NutmegOwl 17 May 2010 at 7:28 pm #

    Many thanks for the sweet shout-out. You earned the positive review.

    … and just wait – the mojo will come back and suddenly the logjam will end with a most wonderful rush.

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