nearly finished!!

19 May

I am almost finished my Concentrate on the Sleeves sweater, or construction, as it is more like a masterpiece than a piece of knitting!! The pattern is from A Stitch In Time, and is the second sweater I have knit from the book, the first being To Wear With Anything.

It has so far taken me 2 months, the longest time I have ever spent on one item, and it still isn’t finished! It has however been fun to knit as I don’t like looking ahead in a pattern (I like surprises) so I am always desperate to get to the next stage to see how it was all going to piece together. I was defiantly impressed with the final sew up when every part started taking shape, but once the sleeves were attached it became clear just how impressive a structure this sweater really is.

Once it is done I will post some photos of me wearing as I does look better on, but until then here are some I took using my dressmakers dummy.

All I have left to do is sew in the ends then find some fab buttons to set it all off!!

I love it!!!!!!!


One Response to “nearly finished!!”

  1. Maike 21 May 2010 at 7:20 am #

    Wow that looks exciting! I’m looking forward to see you wearing it! There was a similar pattern in one of my knitting magazines but I thought the designer rather overdid it with the puffy sleeves. But your piece is more like it, love the colour.

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