birthday feasting

26 May

My mum’s birthday was yesterday. Last year Matthew and I packed up our wicker picnic basket, with wine bottles and real cutlery and plates firmly strapped in, and feast-laden — Pineapple, Cashew and Quinoa stir-fry, lemony potato salad made with garden-fresh spuds and spring onions and tangy yogurt, individual asparagus tartlets with feta, carrot-filled trenchers, heaps of leafy greens and fresh tomatoes and, if I say so myself, a delicious berry and pear crumble — headed out to Dulwich park. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, hot but not too hot, a slight breeze. The park was busy but we easily found a perfect spot in one of the lower fields. It was wonderful!

This year Mum requested another feast, but this time her birthday fell on a mild, warmish Tuesday and work got in the way of picnicking. So we had them round for dinner instead.


Green salad with grapefruit and olive oil dressing
Fresh houmous with garlic-rubbed pita breads


Rustic Mediterranean vegetable pie with fresh mozzarella
Lime-scented garlic roasties
Steamed green beans with toasted pine nuts
Borlotti bean and mushroom gravy


Lemon squares, grapefruit style

As soon as I can get some pictures taken, I’ll be posting the recipes for the rustic Mediterranean vegetable pie, citrusy roasties, beanie mushroomie gravy and lemon squares. Yum!

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