aprons, oh aprons

28 May

As Lou’s going to be having a (relatively minor) operation in the next couple of week, she’s been stitching like a mad woman and I for one am LOVING the results. We got our very first wholesale order last week, which is super exciting, so most of what she’s making will be heading straight to the pretty little village of Abbotsbury in Dorset. However, as she’ll likely be going under the knife as soon as the order’s been filled, Lou got to making our springtime passion: aprons.

Oh aprons! How I love thee!

Wilma from Trash Chic on Folksy

I love how versatile they are. I love how they are the ultimate expression of practicality and glorious frippery. I love how you can wear them over jeans and run off down the road feeling slightly naughty. (I’m not sure where that sense of naughtiness comes from — wearing a ‘half’ skirt, perhaps? Being outdoors in such a monumental symbol of domesticity?) They’re like the socks of the sewing world. You can practice all sorts of great techniques and tricks and try out all kinds of awesome materials and in the end you have a perfectly usable item that can be put to work straightaway.

Winter Harvest from Bobbie and Lola

The aprons we list on Etsy and Folksy are pretty and practical and exceedingly durable, which is a good thing, because mine gets used almost every day in my garden. I think we’ve had a bit of a mission working out how best to showcase them, because our original vision had them firmly in the allotment. But they’re not just for gardening. The pockets are nice and deep, so I’ve used mine in craft fairs as a money belt and in the kitchen (when it’s clean off the line and not covered in dirt, rest assured!), but when I discovered Lou used hers for knitting — I just about flipped!! She’s so clever.

So for this new lot, we decided to show all the different ways the aprons can be used. We had such a blast with this photo shoot, getting the aprons in a bunch of different ‘scenes’:




and barbequing

If you go into each listing you’ll see the different scenes at work.

It was while I was putting away laundry this morning that I realised this morning that I’ve been totally remiss about posting a recap of my birthday, which is really crap of me because I received some fanfreakingtastic gifties! Including: a gorgeous little apron from Lou, from Boojiboo.

Ladybugs and Daisies by Boojiboo

Too cute! This baby has been added to my ever-growing collection of aprons, one day I will have a kitchen large enough to boast a wall of dainty hooks, so I can put them all in display. I’m not sure I’ll ever want to get this one dirty! I think it’s more of a ‘show apron’, no?


2 Responses to “aprons, oh aprons”

  1. 'Lista 30 May 2010 at 9:12 pm #

    Oh, how ADORABLE!! I have an ongoing love affair with aprons! SUCH cute ones you have!

  2. Ruth 8 June 2010 at 3:06 pm #

    I can never use my aprons for the same reason I cannot make dishcloths. I made something, I *can’t* get it dirty, right???

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