morning thoughts

5 Jul

1. Why is there a coffee stain on the floor? No one in this house would do that. We value the bean far too much.

2. We’ve sold some bags! Yay! Hmmm. I’m sure we had two Sandpiper bags up, but I can only find one. Maybe I should check on that.

3. Have to pack lunch. Must not forget lunch.

4. If I’m cycling, should I take a change of clothes?

5. Really need to check on the Sandpiper bag.

6. Where did I put my coffee cup? Kitchen!

7. Have to make lunch, then must remember to put it in bag.

8. Do I have all my research stuff? I wonder if I should take all three novels, or if Riddle of the Sands and Thirty-nine Steps are enough.

9. I wish I’d made muffins this weekend.

10. Did we have two Sandpiper bags? Must check that before I leave.

11. And the freelance project. I’ll take that to the post office with me, too.

12. Coffee, coffee, coffee, kitchen. Mmmm. Coffee.

13. Should I take some bags to finish during my lunch?

14. Go and make that sandwich! Shitting hell, just do it.

15. I wish I wouldn’t swear at myself first thing in the mornings, I’m sure it’s not a good sign.

16. Should I go up to the British Library or over to the studio to study instead. If I leave my scissors at home, I won’t be able to do anything but study. But on the other hand, I really want to get a good spot at the Library if that’s where I’m going.

17. It’s knit night tonight, don’t forget your knitting.

18. I’ll just put the Internet on and check up on that Sandpiper bag.

19. Should I make some more coffee? Just one more before the road.

20. Checking emails… Loumms… Ravelry… I’m sure there was something else I needed to do.

21. Ooooh, fabric, I should definitely put in that order before I go. I shan’t have Internet for the rest of the day.

22. I wonder if I should look for buttons as well.

23. No, that’s silly, you don’t have time.

24. Sandpiper! Don’t forget Sandpiper.

25. I really need to add all the new stuff I’ve made to Etsy. Jesus, the shop looks barren.

26. Checking emails… Loumms… Ravelry… I’m sure there was something else I needed to do.

27. Squee! Lots of lovely fabric ordered! Oh, how I love getting post. I haven’t bought any yarn lately, I wonder if I should…

28. Did I pack that sandwich? And an orange. I love fresh oranges. And that change of clothes. I love fresh clothes.

29. Maybe I should take Caleb Williams with me as well. And that Cawelti book.

30. Sandpiper! Don’t forget Sandpiper.

31. If I’m going to cycle, I really need to update my mp3 player.

32. Checking iTunes… Checking emails… Sandpiper!

33. Fool! So parcelled the wrong one. Crap. Texting Lou…

34. I should make some more coffee. It’s twenty past nine…

35. 9.20?!? How did that happen? What happened to getting to the post office for when it opened?

36. I’ll just check my emails before I go…


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