a week that was

9 Jul

This week started off pretty well, had a couple of clear highlights and then dissolved into a minor calamity of fretting and pacing. It’s nothing to worry about really, and will ultimately be a good thing. However, it’s one more pearl on a string of dumbass I seem to keep be engaged in.

And not laughably idiotic, like getting to the check-out desk in Munich only to realise my flight had been the night before. More on the concentrating on eight other things and mutilating my finger on a dangerously exposed steel nail in the process end of the spectrum.

I am probably being overdramatic. But add some never-ending PMS, the fact everyone I know has started announcing they/their sister/a parent has some variety of cancer and a gorgeous shirred dress that nonetheless will not stay up and you’ll be roughly where I am now (i.e. peevish and increasingly wishing the bed was bigger).

In any case, here are a few things that would pick up any week:

1. Owls! Cranky and inquisitive owls.

2. Crisp home-made honey biscuits, perfect for afternoons and lovely with ice cream.

3. The garlic press of joy. (This does actually deserve a post all of its own.)

4. The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, the sign to which I pass every day on my way to our studio.

5. A jar and a tin full of thread. So much potential in one small space.

6. It’s the Bittersweetie’s birthday!!!!! Happy birthday, sweets, we hope it’s awesome!


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