knit nation, pt. 1 — ysolda and madebyloumms

31 Jul

A couple of weeks ago we received a message from Ysolda Teague, designer extraordinaire, casually asking if we might be interested in using some fabric she had to make up bags for her booth at Knit Nation. And after we stopped hyperventilating with excitement, we said yes.

This might go some way to explain why we’ve been so quiet on the blogging front! A box of fabric arrived the following day and we’ve been stitching frantically ever since: heaps of Sock-Perfects, a bunch of Sweater-Perfects and a small handful of our new Drawstring Wristers.

The Ysolda fabric is this soft, surprisingly sturdy thick cotton, printed in the background motif of her two books, Whimsical Little Knits 1 and Whimsical Little Knits 2. Pretty and perfect outer bag fabric though it is, we couldn’t resist tucking it inside as Secret Ysolda Linings, like the Inquisitive Owls and Atomic Kitties (a simply awesome 50s-inspired print, which I couldn’t help buying more of) on the Wristers above!

Ysolda also has kits for the adorable Elijah, her Ishbel and Damson patterns and some of her hats available.

My favourite feature of her both, though, are all the samples she has dotted around to play with and try on, like Smith and Mousie,

Veyla, Farinelli, the Vine Yoke Cardigan, Little Birds and Snow White, and some of her new sweater designs, which are set to be released in a new book in September.

She and Sarah have also set up the photo booth! So much fun! If you’re there today, make sure you take advantage of it, because you get to keep a copy of the pic!


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