can’t forget vogue

12 Aug

I totally missed the Vogue Knitting preview! I really like the sweaters in this issue; in fact, four have completely got my imagination flying. I wish they would put up more information about the designer, yarn, needle size, etc. on the still pictures, like Twist Collective, but I do love the 360-degree analysis of each piece. It’s so helpful!

First up, this lovely, delicate laceweight high-necked jumper. So pretty!

This cabled, bepocketed cardigan is almost decadent. I love how almost coat-like it is.

I know this tunic is more trendy than anything else, but the batwing is so appealing and I love the stripes.

Another coat-ish cardigan, something about the collar for this one just makes me want to wrap myself in it.

Lastly, not a garment, but an AWESOME pair of knee-high socks! Oh, how I love these!


One Response to “can’t forget vogue”

  1. pip 13 August 2010 at 11:56 am #

    I LOVE the socks :)

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