in the bag

23 Aug

A few weeks ago, I had cause to whip up a brand new bag for Made by Loumms and ever since I’ve been obsessed with it. This bag deviates somewhat from our usual buttoned buckets, but it specially tailored to meet very specific criteria.

The Sock-Perfect and Sweater-Perfect bags are awesome to throw into your regular bag and particularly pleasing set up on the table or on the seat next to you when you’re sitting in a pub or cafe for knit night, but I knew we had some events coming up (like Knit Nation) and I wanted something I could knit out of while running around that I wasn’t going to put down or misplace.

The bag needed to meet five criteria:

1. I wanted a bag that was more mobile but still sturdy.

2. I wanted a bag that wasn’t going to get caught up in my knitting.

3. I wanted a bag that accommodated my ZERO TOLERANCE for snags.

4. I wanted a bag that was quick and easy, that still used the same fab fabrics we use for everything but with no fussing or pondering or dithering over pairings.

5. There had to be buttons.

And so, the Drawstring Wrister was born. It’s the same size as the Sock-Perfect bag, but flat. This was initially because I wanted it nicely sizeable — big enough to fit a yarn cake and whatever I’m working on — and because I didn’t have enough fabric to make the base for the bottom, but then I decided I actually rather liked its simplicity.

It uses the same fab fabrics we use for everything, but it’s paired with this awesome medium-weight calico I found at the fine arts supply shop at my uni.

It has a wide strap that sits firmly on the wrist, but the strap is also short enough that, while my hand slips through easily, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off or start winding up and swirling tight.

I knew that just adding a strap to our usual buttoned bucket bags wasn’t really going to work in this instance. I could have gone down to two buttons rather than four; however, I really wanted something different that still offered easy access to my project and accommodated my ZERO TOLERANCE for snags. Zips were obviously out. Drawstrings, on the other hand… Definitely in.

I initially tried using ribbon for the drawstring but it was too slippy; even grosgrain ribbon didn’t quite work the way I wanted. In the end, I went down to my local hardware shop and picked up some cotton twine. It was only going to be a temporary make-do until I found something I was happy with, but actually I LOVE the way it works! It’s really soft, super pliable and, well, it’s twine, so it’s super strong, too.

That just left the buttons. Not using buttons is just silly, and if the button in question wasn’t going to be functional, it should be large and weighty to help steady the bag even more (that’s my excuse anyway).

If you take a look at our Made by Loumms shops, you’ll notice the first few I made where all business calico on the outside, with hidden awesomeness on the inside. I really love this effect, as it means the awesome fabric is just for you and no one else, like the plush emerald green satiny lining in the bag pictured below. It’s just gorgeous but only you know it’s there.

But when I was making up the wristers for Ysolda’s stall, I decided to see what they would look like inside-out.

LOVE! Oh, oh, oh, how sweet it is!

So the ones I’ve been making lately have the drawstring threaded from the inside of the new bags. I’m not sure if it makes any difference, but I like the effect in any case. I’ve also largely stuck with fab fabric on the outside, sturdy calico on the inside. I think I’ll still keep switching back and forth on this, because I cannot get over how gorgeous the combination of satin and calico, and satin has no business getting all mucky.

No, satin should stay nestled luxuriously on the inside, waiting like Aladdin’s cave to cushion and protect the precious stitches of your latest WIP.

Wise Owls, on the other hand…

3 Responses to “in the bag”

  1. pip 23 August 2010 at 12:30 pm #

    these are great… and I love the fabric choices :)

  2. Kate 23 August 2010 at 12:32 pm #

    I use the button on mine to wind the drawstring around to keep it all tidy in my handbag when I’m not using it, I can always find a use for buttons!

  3. brokeknits 29 August 2010 at 5:29 pm #

    Love, love, luv! I have often wanted a bag just like this … thanks for reading my mind! Now, to await payday.

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