kitchen garden tip tuesday 12

24 Aug

It’s been a while since I added to the Kitchen Garden tip list, but this week I was positively overcome by the kitchen tip and that in turn reminded me of an awesome garden tip I hadn’t thought about in ages.


Bread makes an excellent filler for soup. Except for when I’m creating a recipe to actually share, when making soup I hardly EVER actually measure out how much stock I’m making. If I’m using bouillon powder, like Marigolds, I chuck it in with the ingredients and left it sink into them for a couple of minutes before adding the water. Sometimes I get over excited and wind up with a thin broth enough to feed an army instead of a nice rich and hearty soup for two, plus a couple servings for leftovers.

When this happens, I either strain the excess liquid and freeze it for later, or (more usually) I’ll quickly boil up some extra veggies and add them. The other night when this happened, there was neither space in the freezer to keep the excess or time to prep extra vegetables to add. But I did have a stale baguette that was going to waste, so I tore off two large pieces, sliced them up and added them to the pot. Once blitzed thoroughly with a hand-blender (on in a regular blender), the bread will offer an unexpected creaminess to the soup and really bulks it up. If you do try this, take heed and amp up the amount of herbs, spices and stock powder you’re using as well. The bread absorbs flavours as much as it does liquid.


How to harvest a perfectly ripe tomatoes. There are a few key things to look out for when harvesting tomatoes, especially when you want to use them RIGHT NOW. Like many other fruits and vegetables, you know when your tomatoes are ripe for the picking when they come away from the vine with only the slightly tug. The fruit will come away with the cap still attached and a short branch of stem.

Rather than going round to each fruit and tugging them individually, you can usually see whether the fruit is ready to be picked. The colour will be bright but deepening, the skin will be taut but not tight and that wee bump in the stem, just above the cap of the fruit, will have already begun to look bisected.

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  1. Maralyn Jones 24 August 2010 at 2:19 pm #

    Nice blog…..

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