knit nation pt. 4 — yarn, more yarn

1 Sep

Lou and I have some potentially lofty ideas about what we’re getting up to in the next year and it involves a whole whack of yarn! She mentioned last week that we’ve got a heap of new sock patterns on the horizon and they just keep coming. I feel like my brain is on overdrive. In a very good, but perhaps slightly scary to anyone who doesn’t love socks kind of way.

In any case, Knit Nation’s market place was AWESOME. As our lovely friend blogless Kate noted, it was as though the market place was specially tailored for our tastes.

The carefully selected, carefully displayed stalls by independent hand-dyers and crafters made for three days of touchably decadent yarn-feasting, torturous bag coveting and infinite stitch-marker dithering.

I think Lou will agree that we were pretty restrained in terms of how much we came away with., especially compared to some people I could mention. I cashed in as the first Wollmeise customer of the event with the purchase of two skeins for Lou, but actually didn’t end up buying any more for myself. After being in the Wollmeise shop in Pfaffenhofen, I felt I had my fill (for now) and could happily gawp at all the pretty colours without buying.

(Plus, I’m planning another trip out to Munich where I will be able to peruse the shelves without risking flying elbows, cries of ‘THAT’S MINE, BITCH!’ and being pummeled to the ground in the stampede for purple.

It’s still pretty, pretty, though, no?)

Instead, I was blown away with Sparkleduck — like a moth to a flame, I could not pull myself away. I wonder if that’s why I immediately went for this beautiful orange.

Next I scooped up a delicious mossy, or is it apple, green from the booth across from Ysolda’s which I can’t remember the name of! Eep! I shall have to dig out the skein so I can share where it’s from, as it’s unbelievably beautiful. It has the most incredible sheen. I’m thinking a slouchy hat or some sort of cowl.

After dithering, walking away, hurrying back and dithering some more, I finally came away from Babylonglegs with two amazing skeins: a tealy green silk/merino sock weight (I have a fantastic pattern in mind for this!) and a green and black gorgeous aran merino which is heading straight into a beret.

I’ve been eyeing Babylonglegs for ages, and after seeing her yarns in person I couldn’t resist.

At Old Maiden Aunt, I was completely struck by Lilith’s darker, almost textual colourways. I’ve no idea how she does it, but it’s like she somehow dyes each ply separately, spins them back together, then overdyes them. The result is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else.

The last sock yarn I bought was a brooding storm-torn sea grey from Artist’s Palette. I adore this colourway. There’re greens and purples and yellows threaded throughout, each as unexpected as the last and all melded by this rich stormy blue-grey.

It was not the last sock yarn I brought home, however. I scored a skein of Nimu‘s cashmere/merino blend in my Knit Nation tote bag! I’m very lucky, no? Best £5 I’ve ever spent!

However, there is one skein above all others that made my breath catch, stutter and the stop altogether. It was sitting, innocuously at the Krafty Koala stall. The dove-like shadows and subtle downy yellow, twisting, barber-poled, hand-spun. The halo rises delicately. At a distance, the colours of the barber-poled ply seem to fuse into one another. I don’t even like barber poling, and yet I could not tear myself from this skein. It’s the softest yarn I have ever held. Even now, I will take it from its ziplocked home and press it to my cheek, inhale its faint sheepiness and sigh, content.

Corridale and merino, perfectly blended, beautifully spun. The perfect finish to a fantastic weekend.


2 Responses to “knit nation pt. 4 — yarn, more yarn”

  1. Max 1 September 2010 at 5:01 pm #

    A heap of new sock patterns are coming? I am in trouble!

  2. Loutheperson 2 September 2010 at 12:48 pm #

    Oh wow, that wollmeise looks amazing!! Still dreaming of a basement full of shelves of yarn!!
    Love your sparkleduck too! She is great!

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